Soundscape «I am not alone»

The Soundscape «I am not alone» will be performed in 15 museums around Switzerland. Seven professional musicians depict this ancient route via an acoustic tableau. Sounds, voices and instruments form the soundscape, coupled with fragments of original dialogues from the locals, excerpts of songs from the Balkans and improvised sounds, which are then adapted to the ever-changing museum contexts. In each performance a local artist or author assumes the role of narrator continuing the story of the Via Egnatia, providing their own interpretation of the route in the context of a specific museum. This material is then captured and transformed by the musicians, evolving into a new script for performance in the following museum. Thus the soundscape veers away from the original material at every resting place on its journey across Switzerland and reflects an echo of a cultural route on which people, ideas and artefacts have circulated for over 2000 years.

Via Egnatia

The ancient Via Egnatia linked Durrës on the Adriatic Sea to Constantinople, and is one of Europe’s oldest, most travelled, and culturally influential land routes. The Via Egantia stands for the connection between Western and Southeastern Europe and bears witness to our interwoven European history.

Sandra King-Savic, a lecturer in migration and cultural studies at the University of St.Gallen, hiked the Via Egnatia in 2016 together with her partner Joshua King. Starting in Durres (Albania) they made their way to Thessaloniki (Greece) to learn more about the everyday life of individuals along the route and to understand how they perceive the Via Egnatia, the Balkans in general, and crucially, how they perceive the ‘West’ from afar. The visual and oral data collected was transformed into a script by the dramaturg Serge Honegger, on which the Soundscape «I am not alone» is based.


05.09.2020 Zürich Musée Visionnaire
07.11.2020 St.Gallen Textilmuseum / 14:30 - 17 Uhr
22.11.2020 Rapperswil Polenmuseum / 14 - 17 Uhr
13.12.2020 Winterthur Münzkabinett / 14 - 17 Uhr
17.01.2021 Luzern Gletschergarten
21.03.2021 Brugg Museum Vindonissa
10.04.2021 Lenzburg Ikonenmuseum
11.04.2021 Bubikon Ritterhaus
05.08.2021 Wettingen Museum Eduard Spörri
04.09.2021 Biel/Bienne Kunsthaus PASQUART


During each performance, the ensemble invites a narrator to provide a literary interpretation of the soundscape. This material is then taken up by the musicians and brought to life in the following museum. Like laying linguistic cobblestones, the narrator's observations build the imaginary route of the Via Egnatia across Switzerland. A selection of the texts can be found under the heading COBBLESTONES.


Giorgina Hämmerli - Musée Visionnaire Zürich



Miro Hanauer, Voice/Violin
Regina Hui, Voice/Violin
Andrea Knutti, Voice/Recorder
Eva Mann, Voice
Chiara Selva, Voice/Violoncello
Reto Senn, Voice/Clarinet
Beat Vögele, Voice/Harmonium



Giorgina Hämmerli, Musée Visionnaire Zürich, 5.9.2020
Kosta Athanasopoulos, Textilmuseum St.Gallen, 7.11.2020
Sarah Elena Müller, Polenmuseum Rapperswil, 22.11.2020
Ruth Loosli, Münzkabinett Winterthur, 13.12.2020
Sunil Mann, Ikonenmuseum Lenzburg, 10.04.2021
Alexander Markin, Museum Eduard Spörri, 05.08.2021


Production Team

Naomi Blackwell, Coaching & Translation
Nicole Honegger, Graphic Design & Print
Aline László, Videography
Claudio Mascolo, Communication, Webdesign & Visuals


Project Management

Manuela Casari, Production Coordination
Serge Honegger, Concept & Dramaturgy
Dr. Sandra King-Savic, Research


Musée Visionnaire Zurich